Visit by international Palestinian professionals organizations

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  Ahmad Abou Jamih, vice chairman of International Forum of Palestinian Professional Organizations and its Turkey Representative Moin N. Naim visited Eğitim-Bir-Sen Memur-Sen President Ali Yalcin.


Stating that there is need for non-governmental organizations like “International Palestinian Professional Organizations” to ensure professional Palestinians living abroad be organized, Jamih said: “I know Memur-Sen is the largest non-governmental organization in Turkey and closely follow its activities. We desire to benefit from experiences of such an organization. We intend to open representative offices in countries where Palestinians mostly live. On that purpose, we will hold a ‘Congress on Professional Studies’ in Lebanon. In order to share your experiences, we would be honoured to see you among us.”

 President Ali Yalcin stated that they were pleased by the visit and added: “Difficulties and problems around the world must be tackled by being organized. Problems must be brought to an organized ground and discussed; and a common action must be taken for solution. Problems of labour movements are not regional or country-based, they concern us all. Within this context, I place importance to International Forum of Palestinian Professional Organizations. Our union and confederation, founded in 1992 and 1995 respectively, are the largest labour movement of Turkey. Since the foundation, we have resolved and continue to resolve many problems of state employees. We get our strength from our members and our organized structure. We will attend the Congress on Professional Studies to share our experiences.”

 During the visit, where Deputy President Latif Selvi of Eğitim-Bir-Sen and Deputy Chairman Ramazan Cakirci were also present, Yalcin presented the delegation with book series of Mehmet Akif Inan, Founding President of Eğitim-Bir-Sen ve Memur-Sen.