Yalcin attended 2nd Ordinary General Assembly of CNTM

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Ali Yalcin, President of Eğitim-Bir-Sen and Memur-Sen attended 2nd Ordinary General Assembly of Mauritania’s National Confederation of Employees (CNTM).  

Speaking at General Assembly, Ali Yalcin noted that they were an organization of solution to problems specifically of labour, and of humanity in general, and an organization of being ray of their hope and support of their horizons. “With this aspect, we improved financial rights of state employees in the last collective contract. We ensured some improvements in their social rights, and obtained new rights. Based on the understanding that ‘every employee is firstly a human’, we preserved and increased our democratic rights. We’ve removed those bans, which were not compatible with libertarian system, out of our lives and regulations. We enabled purge of entities interfering civil politics and civil society,” Yalcin said. 

Noting that there were similarities, in terms of main objectives, between CNTM and Memur-Sen that could be explained on the basis of common civilization, Yalcin told “It’s possible to say that we are CNTM of Turkey and you are Memur-Sen of Mauritania. Our common notions in directly human-themed subjects such as dignifying human, grounding on negotiation, opposing discrimination, supporting women, caring about family life demonstrate how necessary our cooperation is and increase our hope to produce meaningful consequences. If we embrace each other, system of exploitation will be shaken; if we cuddle, imperialist fiction will collapse, and if we are in solidarity and cooperation, the whole Islamic geography, especially Africa, will come to the position it deserves in the world.”

While Yalcin presented plaque of Memur-Sen to President of Mauritania’s CNTM at General Assembly, CNTM President gave a certificate of participation to Yalcin.

 Visits and cooperation agreements

President Ali Yalcin also attended many programs. Meeting Mauritanian Minister of Labour and representatives of unions from Sudan, Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania and Oman, Yalcin also held talks and exchanged information with Muhammed Veled Mahm, head of the Union for the Republic Party, Cemil Mansur, leader of main opposition party Tewassoul, and Saleh Ould Hanane, head of Mauritanian HATEM party.  

Following the bilateral talks, a 5-year cooperation agreement and action plan between Memur-Sen and CNTM was signed. They reached a mutual understanding to sign cooperation agreement and to pay mutual delegation visits, with representatives of confederations and unions, present at CNTM’s assembly, from Sudan, Oman, Morocco and Algeria.   Ramazan Cakirci, Deputy President of Eğitim-Bir-Sen, Emir Senver, head of Retired Memur-Sen, and Tarkan Zengin, advisor to the President of Eğitim-Bir-Sen.