Habibe Ocal gave a speech at the meeting of the Commission on the Status of Women in New York

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Habibe Ocal, Head of the Commission on Women of Confederation of Civil Servants’ Unions (Memur-Sen), attended the meeting of “the Commission on the Status of Women” organized by the United Nations in New York.

Speaking at the meeting of which main agenda was woman, economy, employment and education as well as employment of women, gender equality, women’s entrepreneurship and violence against women, Habibe Ocal said that globalization and understanding of forming a fast-consuming society underlay the poverty of women, and it was women and children who bore the brunt of that. She also noted that what the states must do on their part to overcome this issue was reconsidering the concept of social state.

Stating that the world must not turn blind eye and deaf ear to refugee problem, Ocal expressed that European countries should act in more  humanistic way in terms of opening their doors to refugees. 

Ocal stated that Turkey was left alone to host refugees by the world and the problem was demonstrated as if it was only Turkey’s issue. She also noted that it was peculiar that the United Nations could not make its presence felt at the point of finding solution and building peace, except for its advises and resolution of condemnation.    

At the meeting, such issues as women, economy, education, refugees and terrorist incidents were also discussed with Nancy Ploeger, Head of New York Chamber of Commerce and Turkish businesswomen.