# Header Date
1 We held panels and workshops with participating countries at 23.09.2022
2 We held the international symposium "The Future of Education and Labor in the Shadow of Crisis" 22.09.2022
3 Our 7th Education Themed International Short Film Competition has started 16.06.2022
4 We held a regional meeting with Central Asian countries in Tajikistan 22.05.2022
5 We attended the congress of the Ivory Coast education union SYLEG 15.04.2022
6 We attended the general assembly of the Union of Education, Science and Culture of Kosova (SBASHK) 07.04.2022
7 We held a workshop with the Tajikistan education and science workers union (TUESWRT). 31.03.2022
8 A visit to the Bahrain Education Syndicate and the UAE Teachers Association 22.03.2022
9 We held a workshop on "Union Organization in Education" with KIBTES 10.02.2022
10 Latif Selvi attended the conference of the Independent Trade Union of Primary Schools Education of Bosnia and Herzegovina 27.10.2021
11 We attended the Congress of the Independent Education, Science and Culture Trade Union of North Macedonia 22.10.2021
12 We attended the congress of TUESWRT 22.10.2021
13 We declared our report 'Preschool Religious and Moral Education in Turkey' 27.09.2021
14 We made a meeting on "education during the epidemic" with Albanian education union (SPASH) administrators 27.09.2021
15 We exchanged ideas with education unions from all over the world 27.09.2021
16 Latif Selvi participated to the inauguration of the orphanage in Chad 25.03.2021
17 We Protested Macron in 81 Provinces 02.11.2020
18 We participated to the meeting organized by Worker's House of Iran 02.10.2020
19 We participated to the teleconference titled 'Difficulties Faced in Education Sector during Covid-19' 29.05.2020
20 Memur-Sen to participate Works of Turkey's 'Vefa' Social Support Groups 21.05.2020
21 Memur-Sen Confederation urges citizens and members to donate blood to Turkish Red Crescent (Kızılay) 21.05.2020
22 We did the third teleconference with French speaking countries 27.04.2020
23 We did a teleconference with 38 unionists from 20 countries 29.04.2020
24 We discussed about 'The effects of covid-19 on working life and education' 29.04.2020
25 Memur-Sen contribute fundraising campaigns to combat the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic 03.04.2020
26 Memur-Sen promise to contribute to healthcare professionals with the 50,000 medical products 30.03.2020
27 Report on 'Violation of Border Crossing Rights of Refugees by Greece and the European Countries' 17.03.2020
28 Educators' Trade Union nationwide women committee meeting took place in Ankara 11.03.2020
29 Visit from KESATERIA to our union 11.03.2020
30 Our vice president Mr. Atilla Olçum paid a visit to NUTP 11.03.2020
31 We met with ETUCE director in Azerbaijan 11.03.2020
32 15th National Meeting of Educators' Trade Union of Turkey 09.03.2020
33 We paid a visit to CROC and SNTE 10.02.2020
34 We are against the centenary betrayal 03.02.2020
35 The 6th International Short Film Competition started 28.01.2020
36 We did a workshop with TTU (Tanzania Teachers Union) 28.11.2019
37 We participated to the congress of the NTEU 21.11.2019
38 The 4th International Trade Unionism Education Certificate Program has been completed 27.12.2019
39 The regional meetings of Eğitim-Bir-Sen ended 04.12.2019
40 We did a bilateral workshop with the Education Ministry Employees Union of Kuwait 01.11.2019
41 We Participated to the International Symposium Titled 'The Strategic Vision of Education in the Arab World' 21.10.2019
42 14th National Meeting of Educators' Trade Union 24.09.2019
43 8th year as representative union 17.07.2019
44 Memur-Sen members gathered in front of the Grand National Assembly 17.07.2019
45 Çakırcı participated to the 'International Exhibition of Education and Training' 17.07.2019
46 We communicated our report 'A glance on Higher Education 2019: Monitoring and Evaluation' 17.07.2019
47 We did a workshop on 'Problems of Education Workers and Solutions' 17.07.2019
48 Our vice president Mithat Sevin participated to the panel organized by USPRS 31.05.2019
49 Educators' Trade Union vice president Ramazan Çakırcı met education trade unionist in Bahrain and Kuwait 29.05.2019
50 The 5th short film award ceremony of Eğitim-Bir-Sen took place in Ankara 23.05.2019
51 We gathered in Urfa to celebrate May Day 22.05.2019
52 We came together with educators in Palestine 09.04.2019
53 We attended the Mid Term Conference of NUTP 05.04.2019
54 We signed the Agreement of Friendship and Cooperation with the General Council of the Federation of Trade Unions of Education and Science of the Republic of Moldova 23.03.2019
55 Memur-Sen marched for Syrian prisoner women on International Women's Day 22.03.2019
56 We carried out the 5th Nationwide Women's Commissions Meeting 22.03.2019
57 Ali Yalçın and his team restore trust in the 6th Ordinary Congress of Eğitim-Bir-Sen 28.02.2019
58 Yayla participated to the conference titled Humanism in Education 23.01.2019
59 Yalçın came together with the delegation of Global Unions Coalition in Support of Al-Quds and Palestine in Beirut 26.12.2018
60 Çakırcı participated to the 61st Annual Delegates Conference of KNUT 25.12.2018
61 We signed a cooperation agreement with the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences 06.12.2018
62 We signed a cooperation agreement with Czech and Moravian Teachers Union (CMOS PS) 08.11.2018
63 We participated to the congress of the Independent Trade Union of Education of Albania (SPASH) 07.11.2018
64 Educators' Trade Union (Eğitim-Bir-Sen) goes to the polls 26.09.2018
65 We communicated our report "A glance on Higher Education 2018: Monitoring and Evaluation" 26.09.2018
66 "Educational Dimension of Globalization" and "Globalization of Education and Trade Unionism" sessions were held in the symposium "Globalization, Education and Trade Unions" 21.09.2018
67 Final declaration of the international symposium on "Globalization, Education and Trade Unions" 21.09.2018
68 We did 5 workshops in 4 languages 21.09.2018
69 Education is a fundamental right 21.09.2018
70 We have signed bilateral agreement with education unions from 25 different countries 19.09.2018
71 Selvi participated to the symposium organized by Teachers' Council of Thailand 17.09.2018
72 Visit to Kazakhstan Education Workers Union (KTUESW) 14.09.2018
73 We shared our experiences with the Federation of Mongolian Education and Science Unions (FMESU) 14.09.2018
74 Educators' Trade Union (Eğitim-Bir-Sen) and Independent Education Union of Albania made a joint meeting. 14.09.2018
75 We signed a bilateral cooperation agreement with the National Union of the Teaching Profession Malaysia (NUTP) 12.09.2018
76 Visit to the Turkish Embassy and the Education Union in Uzbekistan 11.09.2018
77 Former director of the ETUCE Martin Romer paid a visit to Eğitim-Bir-Sen 14.07.2018
78 The embassy of Finland paid a visit to our union 26.06.2018
79 International Congress on Human, Labour and Global Competition was held in İstanbul 26.06.2018
80 Memur-Sen Delegation, led by its President Ali Yalçın to attend ILO's 107th ILC Conference to represent Turkish labour group and to discuss labour questions 26.06.2018
81 We Participated at the Award Ceremony of the Letter Contest Titled 'Story of Friend Hood' 26.06.2018
82 Thousands of people gathered in Kocaeli to celebrate May Day 26.06.2018
83 Eğitim-Bir-Sen organized a photography contest titled 'frame from education' 09.06.2018
84 Cooperation of labor organizations is needed to solve global issues 09.06.2018
85 We signed cooperation agreement with education unions in Kenya and South Africa 09.06.2018
86 In order to stop unfair distribution of income we need to be in solidarity 09.06.2018
87 We shared our experiences in the matter of 'corporate media' with Croatian Trade Unions 09.06.2018
88 The third 'International Trade Unionism Certificate Program' has been completed 26.03.2018
89 We will carry our righteous struggle onto international platform 26.03.2018
90 Yayla came together with administrators of Education Trade Union of Thailand and Malaysia 26.03.2018
91 The biggest problem of the world is the unequal division of resources 01.03.2018
92 We met education trade unions and came together with orphans in Pakistan 01.03.2018
93 Second International Education Trade Unionism Certificate Program 27.02.2018
94 We communicated our report 'A Glance on Education 2017: Monitoring and Evaluation' 26.02.2018
95 We need to internationalize trade unionism struggle 26.02.2018
96 For a better future everyone needs to shoulder responsibility 26.02.2018
97 Thousands of people gathered to support Al-Quds (Jerusalem) 25.12.2017
98 Çakırcı, participated at the meeting of Arabic Education Organization (AEO) as observer 20.12.2017
99 The main problems are Zionism and imperialism 14.12.2017
100 We made a protestation for Al-Quds (Jerusalem) in front of the embassy of the USA 14.12.2017