Our 7th Education Themed International Short Film Competition has started

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Our Education Themed International Short Film Competition, which we organized for the 7th time this year, has started.

As Eğitim-Bir-Sen, we have carried our competition, which we started with the theme of "Teacher" in 2014, then continued with the theme of "Organization" and "Loyalty", and which we fixed on the theme of "Education" with a decision we took in 2017.

To bring together different perspectives in the field of education with art, to draw attention to education on the international platform with the impressive language of cinema, to reveal the stories that focus on the important and special aspects of education; We aim to expand our fields of work with international education unions, strengthen our cooperation, and carry out an artistic activity in education.

In the competition, where the best from different languages, cultures and experiences will be selected, the first prize will be awarded 20 thousand TL, the second 15 thousand TL, and the third 10 thousand TL. In addition, Mehmet Akif Inan Special Award (6 thousand TL) for a work that will be deemed worthy of an award in terms of artistic purpose by the jury and  Erol Battal “A Union Perspective” Award (5 thousand TL) will be given.

The films that will participate in the competition will be in the fiction category and their duration will not exceed 10 minutes.

The deadline for the competition is 17 March 2023. Owners of the winning films, the date of the award ceremony and the competition jury will be shared with the public later.

You can access the details of our short film competition at ebskisafilm.org.



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