We attended the general assembly of the Union of Education, Science and Culture of Kosova (SBASHK)

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Eğitim-Bir-Sen and Memur-Sen president Ali Yalçın and vice president Hasan Yalçın Yayla participated to the 8th congress of SBASHK. Among the attendees of the congress were Kosovo Education Minister Arberie Nagavci, Kosovo Independent Education Unions Confederation head Atdhe Hykolli, ETUCE European Director Susan Flocken, and union representatives from Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, the Netherlands TRNC and the USA.

Making a speech here, Ali Yalçın pointed out the friendship between two brotherly countries and two sister unions, and said, "Historically, the long common past and friendship ties between the two countries have brought the relations between the two countries to the top."

We attach importance to cooperation with labor organizations in Kosovo

Stating that the friendly attitude between the two countries continues not only in the political and economic fields, but also in the fields of education and culture, Yalçın said, “As the stakeholders of education, we are happy to increase this close relationship between the unions of the two countries day by day. With SBASHK, we have a friendly brotherhood law that has been strengthened since 2015.”

Touching on the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, Yalçın emphasized that they want the war to end as soon as possible and said: We want and wish the occupations to end.”

In his speech at the opening, SBASHK Chairman Rahman Jasharaj noted that the pandemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine have made life more difficult, that they expect the government to take steps in this regard and that they wish the grievances of the employees to be minimized.


Ali Yalçın visited the Embassy of Pristina within the scope of his program and met with Ambassador Çağrı Sakar.Yalçın also had meetings with Yunus Emre Institute, Maarif Foundation and TIKA representatives Mehmet Ülker, Oğuz Hamza Yılmaz and Cihan Dinçer, Yalçın visited Pristina University Acting Dean of Turcology Department İsa Memişi. Later on, Yalçın met with the Minister of Regional Development in Prizren, as well as the Chairman of the Kosovo Democratic Turkish Party, Fikrim Damka, and the President of the Kosovo Turkish Teachers' Association, Erol Kala.




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