Latif Selvi attended the conference of the Independent Trade Union of Primary Schools Education of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The Secretary General of Eğitim-Bir-Sen Latif Selvi attended the 7th Ordinary Conference of the Independent Trade Union of Primary Schools Education of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The conference was also attended by representatives of the Serbian, Croatian and Macedonian Education Federations, as well as the representative of the Slovenian Education Federation and the Deputy Director of the European Trade Union Confederation for Education Branimir Strukeli.


Speaking at the conference, Selvi stated that as partners in labour and sweat of the brow, unions have important duties as he said: “Our goal is to ensure that all individuals have a decent income, working environment and standard of living. Whether we work in a government institution or in a private institution, we must be able to get our right in exchange for our service, and we must not allow the exploitation of labour. Our desire, of course, is to solve problems through social dialogue. Our goal is that our collective bargaining results in a common agreement but when that is not possible, the unions, which are the institutional structure that represents the workers, should join forces and should not succumb to the grievances of capital and employers.”

In his speech, Latif Selvi also touched on the following: “Just as there are efforts to set an international standard for the education process, an international measure of wages for education workers must be established on the basis of parity in purchasing power and state budgets. I would like to draw attention to two important problems we face today; first, It is the fear of losing a job by adopting some technological innovations and phenomena in education. Secondly, imposing a fait accompli on workers by hiring cheap labor by exploiting hunger, poverty and obstacles in accessing work due to inequality in the distribution of income in the world. In my opinion, these methods are shaped by the threat and manipulation of the labor market.”

Selvedin Satorovic, President of the Independent Trade Union of Primary Schools Education of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who was re-elected to the presidency at the conference, conveyed his thanks to the participants and said: “I would like to thank each and every one of you for not leaving us alone on this important day. We were very happy with your contribution to the conference. As education unions, we realize the importance of education in the development of any country, so we are interested in doing all the value-added work in this field, and we have organized many joint activities with Eğitim-Bir-Sen, with which we have close relations, and believe that these activities will continue to increase and that Many countries will contribute to our common work."


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