From media entertainment to cinema of contemplation
| | 11-05-2016


The skill in this world is the ability of making human to face the question of “why does he/she exist”.  Art is the deepest way to achieve this.   Cinema is the newest, perhaps hardest and the most talented one among the branches of art.  Cinema is also the most capable of asking questions and seeking answers because it is able to reach almost every layer of the society and due to its rich language.  Since the cinema has opportunity to offer visor into many aspects of existence. Every frame might be a pore opening into life; every sequence might be a formation of existence; every word might be a projection of reality. Cinema is not only to tell a story by “spoken language”, but also to describe spiritual dimension by “body language”     It’s to ensure the audience flap toward the real meaning behind the curtain by simultaneously calling out to them from different layers of a variety of art branches and to point to beyond of the existing one. A movie is sometimes a meaning that repairs human mind, sometimes a bonesetter that reduces emotional dislocations and sometimes a downpour which washes all natura from top to bottom. With all these aspects, cinema amounts to rich language of struggle for existence for human, culture and societies. A perfect cinema is the most beautiful dream that one can have when the consciousness is awake.

In a period of time when the discourse of “I see, then I exist” dominates, while the camera is supposed to be the mirror of reality, the fact that it vomits every face in front of itself on the social media means that people are infected with the disease of being visible by cheap ways, giving up troublesome way to be visible through their precious productions.  Today television and cinema which are main actors of capitalism’s industrial games have been turned into a limitless exploitation tool, unconditional propaganda apparatus, and the longest arm of cultural imperialism.  Now the life has been turned into a podium even for ordinary people. Life is a stage; environment is setting, and the others are figures. When the question of how many people look at your face on social media has been a subject of accounting for everybody, being a “useful backup man” rather than “an actor of difficult roles” seems to be the most profitable way for the human. It’s a must to exit from side roads of ego and to retreat to main road of “us” again in order to avoid paying price in a world where Western civilizations’ secular productions based on post-modern morality similarize all streets of the world - entering without any banderol- and standardize all the faces by covering with make-up, where individuals who have been alienated with themselves by their egos experience metamorphosis and the individuals have been turned into cultural slaves. It’s necessary to push the limits of moving from the local to reach universal by getting rid of Hollywood’s mass- production, multiple- display artificial productions generated by industrial logic, with   sensational events based on speed and pleasure with interesting facts and bubble states of emotion.  Today, we must see that we could make cultural healing of our civilization more active and prosperous by means of cinema instead of being the customer of American cinema and audience of  Iranian, Chinese, South Korean, African and Latin American cinema’s struggle for existence,.

Today Turkish cinema could not reach universal stage because it has no well-established local language. Everybody has vital responsibility for our cinema –which has no local school due to lack of cult since the leaders, who paved the way for it, were let down- to come to a proper consistency. It’s required that the cinema must be relieved of intelligentsia that determines stock market of caste relationship in the field of culture and art in our country and not to ignore that cinema which is a real matter of civilization has many to say from a Muslim perspective by breaking the cultural hegemony.

The second short film competition themed “Organization” which as an education union we organized in order to make at least a drop of contribution to the field, to bring our civilization values together with rich language of cinema and to offer chance and opportunity for our young people concluded last week. There were huge amount of applications to the competition with more than a hundred films; distinguished and precious cinema labourers attended to the competition as members of jury. Poet and director Faysal Soysal, actor Ulvi Alacakaptan, author Enver Gülşen who has drawn attention with his writings and genuine ideas, and broadcaster Ömer Sami Sevimli who prepares and presents short film program took charge in the jury whose chairman was prominent director Derviş Zaim of whom films have been granted many national and international awards.

Mutlu Kurnalı ranked first with the film titled “On” (Ten), which depicts organization and ability to resist against the problem of shutting down a village school via innocent nature of a child and says that “what’s important in struggle is to extinguish the fire”. While Elif Yüksel’s film titled “Hayat Bu” (This is Life) came in second with its hurting story, it tells the story of a man who collects suitcases which have been driven away from Syrian migrants’ dreams falling into the sea and dresses washing ashore, and of the man who stirs up the humanity all around the world.  The film titled “Perşembe” (Thursday) which was directed by Mert Öner and Seçkin Gündüz came in third. With its story inspired by a real event, the film draws attention to loneliness of people who squash into narrow spaces in cities, to their psychological loneliness, their partnerless in the games and intolerance against each other; and frames that represent the light of synchronous movement reflecting on human face accompany the story. The film titled “Tırtılın Yolu” (The Caterpillar’s Way) which was directed by Ayşe Nur Topal and was granted jury’s special award tells the story of two teachers one of whom spends the last day at the class while the other who has replaced the former spends the first day. The director skilfully tells the story of two different points of view of same people in the same place through her visor which she has directed at human soul. She organizes the naive touch of little bodies -that learned to be organized- on a teacher as a smile on the teacher’s face.  Mehmet Topbaş has been granted honourable mention with his film “Toprak” (Soil) which tells the story of girl who retaliates with fidelity to villagers’ organization for her; and Nurullah Özdemir has been also granted honourable mention with his film titled “Lisan” (Language) which depicts world map through words and sentences by drawing attention to the fact that each of all languages in the world is a verse of Allah. 

   I would like to thank to all members of jury, to more than a thousand cinema labourers who attended to the organization and especially to all participant friends from the establishment; and I congratulate my brothers and sisters who have been granted awards and wish them all a continued success.