First human first morality
| | 11-05-2016

Mithat SEVİN

We are under a great threat, our concern is big, because our young people increasingly alienate from our civilization values. Our youngsters do not know our civilization pioneers and they suffer from erosion culturally, suffer from atrophy socially. With this corruption our youngsters’ lives are various but colorless, their bodies are towards physical pleasure but soulless, even if the amenities increase the heart is in tightness. The biggest cost of corruption is moral degeneration. Hz. Ali said, “The best superiority is social ethics”, Aristotle said, “The most miserable nation is the one whose castles are standing but its culture and morals are devastated”. May our castles not collapse, may we loose any time.


Morality which is a basic behavioral science is a prerequisite of the virtue. This is why the morality is the one that will prevent young people from falling down into the violence pit. Morality is the password of heading to universal values such as equality, justice and morality. Humanitarian values within the scope of universal nature are the accumulation of the humanity based on morality. In this context, to protect human rights and freedoms, with more inclusive words, to protect human dignity and minimize the violations against human dignity is possible with building the ethical human beings primarily.


Therefore, first the morality issue should be discussed in detail and must act immediately for moral education which is a strategic issue. Youth should be reunited with social ethics and education system should be rebuilt on this principle.


The education system should be free of imposition and ideologies, and should be renewed as to increase the confidence of the individual, form a basis for developing their abilities and to provide opportunities for self-fulfillment. While reforming the education system, must act with an approach that is based on to reunite with our values and not to alienate to universality. Education history of this land contains accumulation and experience that will provide virtue and personality at the same time. In education, becoming a virtuous person process of the “individual” should be ground on and individual who has a career and gives primacy to the morality should be targeted. For this, democratic mentality and thought environment that will contribute to growth of individuals who can establish strong links with their past, can carry ancient civilization values, with this who has the ability to make future plans and who has high self-esteem should be provided.


Youth has been enslaved by the ads aimed at material pleasures, the series, empty programs and social media bombardment, moved away from dissident thought, stacked into stereotype applauses, made impossible it to find the truth and blocked its way to find the knowledge. Without loosing any time empty curriculum that extremely injected to the kids must be changed. Education should be placed to the basic human rights ground, be rescued from tutelage and militaristic applications and should be more demilitarized. Our students while maintaining their uniqueness should be raised with social ideals, away from the destructive competitive perception, with a discourse and perception that focuses on values education.


Arrangement of education programs that will guide the individual who has 21st century skills is vital. And this arrangement should be done as to internalize the culture and common values that will meet everyone’s expectations today unlike yesterday, to provide reconciliation instead of conflict and discrimination, to contributes to raising individuals who are respectful to moral values, pluralistic, participatory, look after rights and who will create a virtuous society. We as Eğitim-Bir-Sen will be persistent at development of educational programs suitable for the philosophy of ‘New Turkey’ which has a strong, deep-rooted and archaic civilization and we will be the strict follower of this.