We crossed the artificial limits in our Turkey meeting
| | 11-05-2016


We held our Turkey meeting on 12-14 February with the participation of trade union representatives from our heart geography beyond our country’s borders. Excitement and enthusiasm of 3 thousand people meeting consisting of foreign guests, branch managements, district representatives and proxies and women committees has reminded us that Eğitim-Bir-Sen is a big ideal beyond being a union.

In our meeting, as well as providing our organization to embrace with all its levels, events occurred inside and outside the country, education problems and organizational issues were considered. We had the indescribable pleasure of being assigned in an organization that internalizes culture of consultation in an environment in which everything is spoken with all clarity at headquarters, branches and representative level and consultation and brainstorming is done for the search of solutions.

It is really emotive to see our organization managers’ excitement, desire to take initiative to solve the problems and commitment to the ideal. To include 36 trade unionist friends of ours from 15 countries to the information sharing and emotion intensity that we do among ourselves added a distinct meaning and profundity to our meeting. The meeting’s atmosphere totally changed with the participation of the education union managers from Malaysia, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Sudan, Albania, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia (Sandzak), Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Algeria, Palestine and Syria. Eğitim-Bir-Sen shouted out to the world one more time on the occasion of this meeting that it will surmount the heavy responsibility of our civilization ideal and will overcome it. We had the opportunity to hear from our guests that what our journey that exceeds artificial limits means for them. Their mind, eyes, heart and hope are in Turkey.

We have received the first fruit of our journey beyond artificial limits as “Hope”, as decedent Abdurrahim Karakoç said: “Who drew this border to my heart/ It is too tight, too tight brother”.

Our great meeting coinciding with 24th anniversary of our struggle for labour and freedom was a program that full of faith, excitement and enthusiasm which we fit in intensive foreign guest attendance, enthusiastic speech of our President General, awards ceremony of Short Film competition, panel of our women commission and 32nd Board of Presidents meeting.

The enthusiasm started with our President General’s coming to the hall and continued until the end of the program. Each and every brother in Eğitim-Bir-Sen and each president revealed the greatness of our organization with the consciousness of noble stance they present and in a sense, royal enthusiasm of true pioneers of the community.

This picture of the meeting had a talisman that will circle all around Turkey and the world with the wave of excitement that will be historic by going beyond the halls walls. Although this view thrills us again every time we see it, it was something we were familiar, but our guest friends reflected their feelings to their look by the scene they were facing. To see the power of this embracement and commitment should have been giving the signals that we overcame the obstacles put in front of us with which emotion and devotion in the resent past. One of the foreign guests said: “As long as you have such an enthusiasm there is no obstacle that you can’t overcome. I began to understand better the reality of Turkey when I see you”. We hope that this reality turns into real embracing and integration of this ummah by closing the gap between the history and itself in no time.

Another guest said: “After the collapse of Yugoslavia you have gathered the Balkan community and representatives first time” and that was very meaningful. This was already what we wanted to do with this expansion. Our goal is to combine hearts. Our people’s heart, mind and feelings have been split with political and ideological interests from Middle East to Balkans, to interior Asia and Africa. Dividedness has delayed our recovery. Now it is time to become ummah and to coalesce with amalgamation.

I individually thank Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Numan Kurtulmuş who honored us with his participation, Honorary President of our union Mr. Ahmet Gündoğdu, our Former Executive Deputy Chairman Ahmet Özer, our congressmen, President General of Hak-İş Mr. Mahmut Arslan, representatives of the international education unions, President of Genç Memur-Sen, branch managements of Eğitim-Bir-Sen, President and assignees of Women Commission, district representatives and their assignees; I congratulate our Headquarter employees who provided an excellent organization and I thank them individually for their selfless work and efforts.

We wish to meet you at our next meeting…