Become an Ensar
| | 11-05-2016


In periods where rulers are tyrannizing their people with cruel methods and in periods where they are at war with other societies, people have thought that leaving their home countries to migrate other lands is the safest option. In the latest years we have been seeing that this factor has been effective in all parts of the Islamic geography. In some parts of the Islamic geography, people are thinking that the only way out is to leave their homes and lands to migrate to safer lands. Anyone who is close to the age of fifty has met people who have migrated to our country from Iran, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Chechnya or Iraq; we have met these people, got to know them and reminisced with them. We have a long border with our neighbor Syria and an even longer history, and due the events happening there, the migration to our lands have become more intense and dominant than any of these previous events.

The number of registered Syrians, who are fleeing from the tyranny and cruelty of a dictator and from a ruthless war, has reached five million. The number of migrants in Turkey is more than migrants in all other countries combined. As of 17 February 2016, the number of migrants has reached 2 Million, 620 thousand and 553. These are only registered Syrian migrants. Real numbers are much higher than this. If we add non-registered migrants to the number of registered migrants, we will see even higher numbers.

Forced migration from Syria towards our country started in 2011. These migrants were accepted as guests at the beginning. Due the increasing number of migrants, some of the provisions present in the 2001 European Temporary Protection Directive were used to provide Syrians with temporary protection status instead of the guest designation. Another important point to note here is that the Syrian guests who have come to our country are not considered refugees.International agreements that we are a party of only provide the forced immigrants from European countries with the status of refugees. Syrians in our country are in the status of temporary protection and all of their needs are covered by the state. Since they are under temporary protection, they do not have the right apply to take refuge or asylum in a third country. This status assumes that the Syrians will return to their homes after the war is over.

Many international agreements that our country was a party of protects the rights of asylum seekers. Due to obligations placed by these international agreements, the government has allowed children and youth to continue their mandatory educations in temporary education centersbuilt in the camps. Along with this, the Syrian children and youth who are not located in the camps have the possiblity to continue their education in Turkish schools. However, it is hard to say that both of these groups have high schooling rates. The rate of schooling is around 50% and it is critical to bring this rate closer to 100%.

Along with shelter, health and food aids, providing refugees with education that is considerate of their language and culture is extremely critical. Achieving this will inhibit current problems from growing in the future and it will prepare the grounds for a healthy relationship. And as a society that has inherited the values of a deeply cultured civilization, the primary measure of our attitude against refugees is humane sensitivity. Moreover, we consider these Syrian immigrants, who we have very tight historical and cultural ties with, siblings who are going through rough times and we treat them with feelings of courtesy, as opposed to other countries who treat them as burdens or problems.

The assumption that the Syrians who have settled in our country won’t be returning to their lands anytime soon is widely accepted. As a result of this, the Ministry of Education has decided to not accept students to the temporary education centers after this year. The plan is to quickly register the Syrian children to the regular schools in Turkey. There are some problems regarding the quality of education provided in the temporary education centers. In these centers, only Turkish language lessons are given by Turkish teachers and other subjects are thought by Syrian teachers. In temporary education centers, the education program of Syria is applied with some adjustments. However, it is difficult to say that these Syrian teachers have sufficient education or teaching experience. The fact that Syrians are being accepted into regular schools instead of temporary education centers is a great development.

Ministry of Education has launched Foreign Student Information Processing System (FSIPS) and this system allows Syrians who are under temporary protection to be electornically registered to schools and it tracks the data related to them, such as school attendency and exam results. In case of attendency to normal schools, FSIPS is available to provide service to Syrians students, much like e-school system.

Along with the hospitality provided by our state to the Syrian people, our people is also welcoming these downtrod guests by doing there share, both physically and morally. Refugees from Syria are accepted as immigrants by our people. We are witnessing a symphysis event in our lands, much like the one that has took place between muhajirs and ensars in the Golden Age. The practice of civilization in these lands were saturated with feelings of brotherhood and mercy since Eyyüb El Ensari, and the community is showing the greatness of embracing anyone who are going through hard times. We must be merciful in our hearts to remedy these painful things, even only for a little bit. Our doors and our hearts will be a shelter for a sibling and we will grow large to the point that we can include a continent. Thiswas as always the case, throughout history. Our muhajir brothers have settled throughout Turkey. Looking at our Kilis province and considering that its population has almost tripled in comparison to five years ago, will show the extent of muhajir-ensar symphysis.

Considering the views and individual and social actions that have resulted from these views in European countries towards Syrian immigrants, our people’s stance towards Syrians is very admirable. They want to create an environment in Europe, where fear and hatred against Syrians is prominent. It is not difficult to see that the psychology behind this desire: this is about problems related to faith, cultural conflicts and safety. In mass communication mediums, we see, almost every day, negative actions occurring in European countries and they believe that they can teach the world about humanizm. Even with their attitude against Syrian tragedy, which has been the cause of unbearable problems, Europe shows that their statements based on human rights and freedom is hypocritical, fake and full of lies. Europe has failed the test of civilization with its selfish, insincere and cruel attitude and they have caused problems to the immigrants, they have dislocated them and left them lying in their borders. Now, they fear that the war they have created will spread to their borders and they take inhumane precautions against the side effects of war and they produce inappropriate policies. What drowned baby Aylan was not the waves of the sea, it was the hypocritical civilization’s trumpeters and their dislike against the east and Islam.

Of course, it is unfair to attribute all of this negativity to all European peoples. However, the European countries did not even accept as many refugees as Jordan, not even mentioning Turkey. To inhibit immigration from their neighbouring countries, especially from Turkey, they are putting up barbed wires throughout all European borders. Even beyond this, European countries are putting up wires in the borders between each other, de facto dismantling Schengen borders.

As Eğitim-Bir-Sen and Memur-Sen, we act with the responsibility of being ensar towards our Syrian muhajir brothers. Against some centers that use words that ostracize and marginalize, which do nothing put empower discrimination and racism, we carry out our humane and Islamic responsibilities within the ensar-muhajirbrotherhood and with this sense responsibility given to us by our well established civilization, we try to extend a helping hand. With the entirety of our organization, we have become a leader in this context. We have shared whatever we can with the downtrodden people in a very large geography. With this understanding and with Hak-İş, İHH and Kızılay, who we see as partners of civilization and compatriots in acting in humane and merciful manner, we have carried out many aid campaigns. We have become confidants to Arakan Muslims. We have supported “Winter is here, A bread and a Blanket for Syria” campaign. For our Syrian siblings, our Memur-Sen Women’s Commission started the “A Baby Food, A Diaper, Only One SMS” campaign. Young Memur-Sen have organized a photograph exhibit with the theme “Hope” in 10 December, World Human Rights Day to draw attention to the problems of immigrants. We have sent Elif Ba books to Kazakh children. With “Humanity is not Dead, Aid to Africa” campaign, we have helped the hungry and thirsty children in Africa. To help Philipino’s after a typhoon, we have started a campaign called “Humanity Hour for Philippines”. We have supported “I Need You” campaign which aimed to help Syria. We have looked after Somalian orphans. We have started a coordinated aid campaign for Bosnia- Herzegovina and Central Africa. We have rushed to the aid our brothers with “Help Telafer” slogan. With our “orphans do not get orphaned when they lose their parents, they become one when the community does not look after them” and “if an orphan smiles, whole world smiles” mentality, we have helped the “Every Class has an Orphan Sibling” project to embrace the orphans of the community. We have helped building water wells in Ethiopia. We have sent our sacrifice aids to the needy in Kosovo’s Prizren and Mamuša regions. To our brothers who have come to our country from Ayn al-Arab (Kobani) we have provided 7 thousand blankets, 3 thousand beds and food. We have met the orphans in Skopje. We have embraced the children at the tent city of Mardin- Midyat. As another act of kindness, we have sent over 150 trucks filled with food, medicine and other necessities to alleviate the needs of our Syrians brothers within the framework of the aid campaign we have organized with the slogan “Trenches will be crossed, Aid Trucks will Reach Bayburt”. The fact that almost every region and province of our country has participated and embraced this campaign has shown the humanity and Islamic qualities of our fellow countryman and our organization. The school we have established as an union in Midyat might have been the first of its kind, but, it was very important as it is critical to approach this problem, even in the most difficult of conditions, with a multi-dimensional approach that does not disregard education. With our example, the schools that provide education to the refugees have proliferated and this has advanced to the point where it has become a model for the whole world to look at. The contributions of our Ministry of Education, who has approached this matter with sensitivity and the contributions of education volunteers are great. The work carried out by our Syrian educator brothers, who, with their sense of responsibility, has created an union in a very short time and started carrying out their duties are very, very important. For healthy educational activities that are very close to us in spirit and culture, we are in contact with our Syrian educator brothers and sisters.

We stood together with people who have the mind for justice and the heart for mercy. An individual who works for good does not give regard to its receiver’s language, religion or ideology. Without paying attention to these artificial distinctions, we desire to embrace the whole universe with the sincerest of feelings. In this difficult period that our country and our region are going through, we deeply need brotherhood as a value that brings us closer to each other. The education workers who bring together the call for aid of our people, add meaning to facts and add intelligence to interests with their efforts will be greatly appreciated.

I sincerely hope that our feelings of brotherhood and solidarity will be the mortar of our union, that our aids will enrichen our humanity and a path to our salvation.