Our Principles

To empower the righteous

To realize that honesty is the best virtue.

To recognize and protect the very basic human rights of individuals.

To resist cruelty,injustice and any kind of violence aganist human beings.

To defend every idea,independent will,faith and liberty of expression about basic human rights.

To struggle for protection and establishment of democratic state by fighting aganist antidemocratic and backward behavior.

To Protect the national and moral values of our society and respect our peoples’ views about it.

To keep away from the ideological and political agendas on all platforms.

To keep the same distance from political parties.

To be always responsible,reconciliatory and primitive during the fight for trade unionism.

To prevent any type of racism.

To protect and akopt principles based on freedom and permittivity.

To know how to maintain equality in education and to make it dominate.

To keep democracy dominant during all the steps taken for trade unions.

To ensure the availabity of opportunities without any discrimination.

To explain the people that development of country only possible with education.

To struggle for establishing the “social state”in an absolute and complate manner.

To beleive in the state sovereignty can be established through the sovereignty of law and according to the international law standards.

To cover not only some particular class of public but making all the academicians affiliated members of Eğitim-Bir-Sen.